Get a quote

The more we know about your bespoke door project, the more we can help you with it. Most projects benefit significantly when you share not just your technical requirements, but your ideas too. You could, for example, use a Pinterest board to help us visualize things, or send us a link to pictures of doors on the web that you are using as a visual aid. Of course, we also want to see photos and plans of your home, as these can help us to offer practical advice on usage and installation. You can get a quote here.

Need a fitter?

Most joinery projects will require a local carpenter or specialist fitter (e.g. kitchen fitter) for installation. If you are struggling to find someone suitable, we might be able to recommend someone from our network of certified fitters. To request a fitter, tell us about your requirements here.

    Workshop visits

    We are always happy to entertain clients at our workshop, whether that’s simply to talk a project through face to face or for you to inspect our work at a key stage. However, if you do want to visit our workshop, please call first so that we can make sure that the right members of our team are present to help you. And, also, so that we can dust ourselves and the premises off – it is, after all, a workshop!

    Call us to arrange a visit on 01865 849 800.