A bespoke door for you

Whatever door you are looking for, and whether your requirements are truly unique or standardised, we certainly have the expertise
to fulfil them. We work with many styles and door designs, and all major methods of door construction.
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Why use Foxstow?

At Foxstow, we take our reputation seriously. That means, when you work
with us, you can expect the following attributes as standard:


Foxstow is not just an expert when it comes to shaker style doors, but has a long history of working with many types of door construction. It is also one of the most experienced upgraders of fitted cabinetry in the market.


Whatever you have in mind for your bespoke door project, our team of professional designers & joiners will find a cost effective way of realising it.


The team at Foxstow will be as involved in your door making project as you like. For some customers, this means offering continual support, advice, inspiration, education, and feedback throughout the entire process. For others, it’s a single phone call to let them know their door is finished. Whatever level of involvement you require, we are entirely flexible in how we work with you, and take each of our customers individual needs into account.


Through our wider joinery capability, we can provide virtually any addition to your project that you might require. For example, if you need more than just kitchen cabinet doors, we usually make end-panels, plinths, pelmets and scribes/fillers; or they could be larger and more fundamental pieces, like additional colour matched shelving units; or they could be bespoke add-ons like islands and wine racks. Alternatively, if you are purchasing an internal or external door, we can provide the frames, liners, skirting and architraves, as well as a variety of other additional door joinery. 


We’re committed to bringing our customers the highest quality bespoke joinery at a fair price. We’re able to do this because the depth of our expertise and investment in modern machinery vastly reduces time and material wastage. To see our competitive pricing for yourself, feel free to ask us for a quote via our contact form.

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