Brand new cabinets

While many of our customers come to us specifically because we have a reputation for beautiful cabinet upgrades, we also receive frequent requests to create whole new sets of furniture. Because of our wider cabinetry experience, this is something that we are more than capable of doing. It gives our craftsmen the opportunity to apply their skills to a wider joinery project, and guarantees that the bespoke doors we’re known for will find a home with furniture of a similarly high quality. Check out our Shaker Doors online shop for the catalogue of our cabinets. To enquire after this service, please get in touch.

Beautifully made at affordable prices

Our goal is simple: to create a beautifully made kitchen, that thrills your client, and reflects your commitment to their project. As the most visible, and used part of any kitchen; the cabinet doors not only help to define the kitchen’s style, but also contribute to its success. Fortunately, our notable reputation for making high quality doors, and continued investment in our specialist setup (traditional & CNC), means we can offer you unrivalled choice and value in this area.


Bespoke cabinet and joinery specialists

Our expertise extends beyond not only shaker doors and cabinetry, but also all matters related to joinery. This allows us to have a greater understanding and insight into how we can help you with your project. Here are a few ways our knowledge can support you:

Varied application

Our cabinetry & fitted furniture can be used for a wide range of applications including domestic kitchens, bedrooms and home offices. They are also suited to commercial environments like retailing and office use.

Cabinet doors

Our bespoke door making expertise comes into its own when creating the doors for our cabinetry. We make conventional and curved cabinet doors, in either one piece ‘flush’, or ‘panel’ based construction methods.

Joinery fixtures

For styling purposes, and to help create a seamless fit for your fitted furniture, we can make joinery fixtures like plinths, pelmets, scribe and end panels; finishing everything with the doors to attain a coherent look.

Any style and specification

In choosing bespoke joinery, you get the opportunity to specify virtually anything you wish. From the design and materials used, to styling via the finish, and by making use of joinery details like mouldings and grooves.

Cabinets and drawers

As a skilled cabinetmaker, we create cabinets for use in everything from kitchen cupboards, to floor to ceiling bedroom wardrobes, and everything in between. We can also make the draw units that our cabinets house.

Feature joinery

To support your individual needs and improve functionality, we can make virtually any item of bespoke joinery that you can ever need. From wine racks to butcher’s blocks, display units to islands. If you can imagine it, we can make it.

Why use Foxstow?

We have a proven track record at delivering an end-to-end service that our customers love. We take our reputation seriously, and have built it in part by fixing the mistakes that other joiners have made by trying to upgrade fitted furniture. Foxstow is amongst the first professional joinery companies to offer this service to the public, and is intimately familiar not just with IKEA kitchens and bedrooms, but every provider on the market, including names like B&Q and Howdens. So, wherever your fitted furniture comes from, and whatever you want done to it, you can rest assured that Foxstow has the experience and expertise to do the job exactly as you want it. To learn more about Foxstow and the services we offer, click here.