Get more from your specialist door maker

Foxstow’s capability as a bespoke door specialist evolved out of its general joinery capacity. We soon earned a reputation for creating beautiful,
high quality doors, which enabled us to specialise in this area, reducing lead times and eliminating wastage. This is how we’re able to
offer our customers the high quality joinery we’re known for at such competitive prices. However, we still maintain our general joinery
capabilities and this means a lot of our work is supporting the installation of bespoke doors through the provision of additional door joinery.

The benefits of bespoke door joinery

When you buy a bespoke door, you are able to design the perfect door for you and your property with the support of our expert joiners. Those same benefits apply to additional door joinery. What this means, at its most basic, is that the same level of freedom and choice you enjoy when you purchase your door from us carries over into the purchase of door joinery. Some of the benefits this results in include:

Doorframes in every possible shape and design

Foxstow is used to providing doorframes for non-standard size and shape gaps so, whatever space you’re trying to fill, we can provide a solution. You can also have control over the styling features of your doorframe, such as lites (both top and sidelites).

Architraves for any property

Like our doorframes, Foxstow can create architraves of any size and shape to fit your property. What’s more, we frequently make custom-made mouldings, giving you even more control over the final product’s look and feel.

Glazing for doorframes

Our trusted partners don’t just provide glazing for doors – they can also apply their knowledge to include glazing options in your doorframe itself.

Additional bespoke door joinery

Beyond frames and architraves, our expert craftsmen can undertake a wide range of joinery work to complement existing architectural work on your property.

Maximum convenience

Buying your bespoke door joinery from Foxstow means that you can choose to have your doors and joinery supplied as a ‘door set’, whether pre-hung, or ready for hanging. Choosing the pre-hung door option can be an efficient way of helping to streamline your door project, as it gives you the option to have your door provided with whatever finish you may require, from waxes and lacquers all the way through to colour-matched paints.

Foxstows door joinery service

By employing us to provide an end-to-end service, you will have just one relationship to focus on: the one with
your project manager. The project manager we supply you with will become a trusted advisor, and share
your dedication to the task in hand. He will support your project by bringing it together and ensuring that it runs
smoothly, whether that means liaising with your fitter or just coordinating your delivery. And, if you don’t have a fitter,
he can even utilise Foxstow’s network of trusted tradesmen to help locate one for you.

As a professional bespoke joinery, we can do it all for you. But more than that, working exclusively with us
from start to finish means that we will be able to share your vision, and help you achieve it. If you want to learn
more about our project managers – or even take your first steps towards a bespoke door by letting us provide you with one
– please call us on 01865 849 800 today.