The universal appeal of affordable kitchen!

We recently got approached by the interior designer Petra Brown who is based in South of France.

She was looking for something quite specific for her client. She was designing their kitchen and had a clear idea of what she wanted to achieve for them. She visited our workshop just outside of Witney in Oxfordshire, and then talked to them about us. Her client was in France, and wanted a beautiful kitchen, but was on a budget. They liked the idea of using IKEA kitchen cabinets and having bespoke doors made for them that fit their design. Our custom door service is just what they needed.

We worked closely with Petra to her specifications. We colour-matched the paint to Farrow & Ball’s Mizzle, a colour that screams French country kitchen or Cotswold kitchen for that matter. We created bespoke curved angle cornices which gave the kitchen a sense of being tied together and made to measure. A really traditional and luxe finish. Then we shipped the doors and all the cornices along with filler pieces to the client site where they were fitted on to the IKEA METOD units they had bought locally.

Above are a few (amateur and blur) images of the IEKA replacement door results.

And here is a quick Shaker kitchen video (best to turn off the audio!)!