Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The shaker door’s contemporary, classic lines give it a timeless appeal, meaning it can complement buildings from almost any era, traditional or modern. Its minimalist aesthetic is rarely out of place, and it can be customised in a number of ways.

A shaker door built for your room

Unlike doors bought ‘off the shelf’, every bespoke shaker style door we create is built to reflect the personal preferences of the person or people who commissioned it. This means that our master craftsmen will construct your door exactly to your specifications and that you should, therefore, get a door that is literally perfect for you and your room. Some of the main bespoke options available include:



Doors come in standard sizes – but many homes do not. If you require a door with specific, non-standard, dimensions, we can create it.


Styling and detailing

When you choose to commission a bespoke door, you can style it in virtually any way you want. We can advise on, and provide, a wide range of details, including: the use of mouldings, decorative grooves, timber veneers, and even artisanal creations like marquetry and woodcarving.



The right choice of timber can have a noticeable aesthetic effect on an internal door, and benefits from being considered in the context of the room and environment around it. Our expert joiners can help you figure out what timber best matches your individual requirements.



Glazing can create a much-needed secondary source of light in a room, as well as give it its own character. However, when glass is used in a door, you have to think about safety and technical issues, as well as privacy and aesthetic ones. We can talk you through the latter, and have longstanding relationships with specialists on the former.



Our shaker style doors can be provided sanded, or with a nude finish to bring out the timber’s natural beauty through the use of waxes, lacquers, and varnishes. Alternatively, if you purchase a pre-hung doorset (meaning we provide your door already in its frame, and ready to install in the gap), we can save time by priming and painting your door for installation.



Ironmongery allows you to style your door with a variety of handles, knobs, kickplates, pushrails and more, to give it an added sense of character in line with the room it sits within.



Because the shaker style is such a simple and minimalistic one, it can be applied to almost any door, whether it is a conventional panel door or something more. This means it can co-exist with the addition of a bi-fold door system of even glazing to create French doors.


Door frames

Foxstow’s wider joinery capabilities mean that we can not only create a beautiful bespoke shaker style door for you, but also the accompanying door frames and architraves, should you need them. This means you can apply all of the bespoke possibilities you have in mind for your door to the frame it sits within.

Beyond the shaker door style

Shaker style doors are unique because they are representative of the panel door – one of the three standard approaches of door construction, along with flush / slab, and ledge and brace / baton – at its purest and most basic. However, in addition to shaker doors, we can create other styles of panel door that are representative of different historical periods (such as Georgian or Victorian), as well as flush / slab doors and traditional ledge and brace / baton doors. If you have any other designs in mind, please visit our main site to learn more about the door making services we offer.

View our most popular shaker style doors

To offer inspiration for your bespoke door project, we have provided a gallery of our most popular work. These doors are our most frequently ordered products, and can be created with excellent lead times. They can also serve as a handy starting point for your own bespoke door project. Our gallery also includes pricing information, to help you get a handle on how much your bespoke door may cost you. However, while we hope this gallery is useful, it cannot, by definition, be fully representative of Foxstow’s bespoke door making capabilities. For that reason, if you would like to discuss your requirements in more depth, please feel free to get in touch.

A starting point for your bespoke door project

Because all of our doors are made to bespoke requirements, we do not have any ‘off-the-shelf’ internal doors available. However, we do have a gallery of our most popular types of shaker door, which can be created extremely quickly. Our gallery also includes pricing information, to help you get a handle on how much your bespoke door may cost you. Please don’t mistake this for ‘everything we can do’. Given the wide range of internal door options available to our customers, it is simply not possible to provide such a comprehensive guide – therefore, consider this a starting point for your own bespoke door project.