Upgrading existing IKEA cabinets

No matter how old your IKEA fitted cabinetry is, and whether you want a lot or a little done to it, Foxstow will support your IKEA upgrade project as much as you like. To learn more about this service please give us a call on 01865849800 or you can contact us for a free quote via email to info@shakerdoors.co.uk or use our contact form. Some of the more common services we provide in this area include:

Upgrading new IKEA cabinetry

If you want a stunning designer kitchen or bedroom that comes without the heavy price tag, there is no better way to do it than to buy an IKEA framework (that’s just the cabinet units), and we then build bespoke doors and any any other visible joinery elements you require to enhance it. Foxstow can provide beautiful custom doors and all the other necessary joinery to enhance your IKEA fitted cabinetry, giving you a room that looks fully bespoke at a fraction of the cost. 

To learn more about our IKEA upgrade service, please visit our IKEA Kitchens and IKEA Wardrobes pages.

Why use Foxstow?

We have a proven track record in delivering an end-to-end service that our customers love and we take our reputation seriously. Foxstow is one of the first professional joinery companies to offer this service to the public, and is intimately familiar not just with IKEA kitchens and bedrooms, but every provider on the market, including names like B&Q and Howdens. All our replacement kitchen doors are pre-drilled to fit mainstream cabinetry.

So wherever your fitted cabinets come from, you can rest assured that Foxstow has the experience and expertise to do the job exactly as you want it. To learn more about Foxstow and the services we offer, click here.