Frequently asked questions:

Sizes and fittings  |  Colours and finishes  |  Other questions

We’re always at hand to offer guidance and answer any queries you have regarding bespoke shaker doors. However we’ve gathered some of the more common queries below and listed answers related to our products and services.

Sizes and fittings

Do you make doors to work with an IKEA METOD kitchen system?

Yes! We make doors to work with all of IKEA’s fitted furniture systems.

Do all your doors come in the IKEA sizes?

Of course. We offer every size of door front that IKEA offers in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. We are a bespoke joinery so you are not limited to standard IKEA sizes and can choose virtually any size of door that you need.

Can you pre-drill hinge holes for UTRUSTA hinges?

Yes, we can. All doors and drawer fronts are pre-drilled to exact IKEA specifications.

If we’ve picked out door handles/drawer pulls we like, will you pre-drill the holes for them?

Unfortunately, no. Things like that are best done on-site.

Do you offer base, wall and tall end panels?

We do. We can provide all the necessary scribe, end panels and fillets to complement your kitchen. Where to have the end panels and scribes is one of the tricky parts of the IKEA kitchen planner. But our design team is happy to assist you along the way.

Colours and finishes

What types of finishes do you offer?

For Oak doors, we finish them with two coats of hard wax oil.

For painted doors, we use a specialist spray paint system from the experts at Morrells. Morrells are a professional paint supplier for joiners and not available in the shops. We apply 10% sheen, which is a flat matte finish.

If you like a hand painted finish, primed only doors are perfect for you. We’ll do all the hard work, sanding, filling etc., and they can be finished on site.

We can also supply non-finished bare doors at a reduced price.

Can you match the particular colour?

Yes, we can. We have a colour matching service that enables matching from any mainstream suppliers paints (e.g. Farrow and Ball, Dulux, Little Greene etc). Please remember that, although the colour formula remains the same, the colour may vary slightly due to the paint difference.

What are our Shaker Doors made of?

We offer two different types of solid wood timber as standard: Oak and Tulipwood. MDF is also available for a painted finish. Our Oak and Tulipwood Shaker Doors both have solid timber frames (solid wood rails and stiles) with MDF veneered centre panels (solid wood centre panels are also available.) All our doors are 22mm thick.

Although we offer two different types of solid wood timber as standard, being a bespoke joinery means you can specify any type of wood you want. So, as always, please feel free to ask for a quote.

Can you match existing IKEA door styles exactly?

Unfortunately, no. The process of manufacturing at IKEA is mass-produced, whereas our joiners handcraft each door we make. Therefore, we cannot match IKEA existing doors ‘exactly’. We are, however, able to suggest many decorative designs.

Other questions

Do you offer doors for integrated appliances?

We do. We just need your appliance specifications. Please note: all panels are made to recommended manufacturer dimensions, but drilling for attachment to the particular appliance is entirely the responsibility of the customer or installer (this is industry-standard, and easy-to-follow templates come with the instructions).

There is a gap at the end of the cabinets. Can you make me a custom shelf?

Absolutely. We are a custom joinery so are experienced at making all types of shelves, floating, open base, wall bookcases and even wine racks. Also, we can finish them in exactly the same way as the doors. Just send us the dimensions and a quick sketch of what you would like.

Do you make IKEA doors for discontinued fitted furniture?

Yes, we do. No matter how old your IKEA fitted furniture is, provided it is still functional, we can upgrade it!

Something else on your mind?

If you have a question that we haven’t addressed above – or if you’d simply like to start your IKEA upgrade project – then please get in touch with us via our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!