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This week at Shaker Doors, we have been building a series of panelled oak doors. I have taken some time to give you a little insight into our manufacturing process and how we maintain our high standards.

All oak used for our doors must first reach our high specification to ensure the best quality from the start. Once the timber has been selected it is then checked for bows and knots. These natural defects of the timber are sawn out of the lengths which are used in the building of the doors. The defects are discarded as scrap but not wasted (they make great fire wood!)

We then plane the oak to size and machine in the mortise and tenon. Below is a picture of how the oak is looking at this stage;

After this it’s time to finally begin the assembling the doors. The joints are cleaned up and prepared. High quality, industrial glue is used to prolong the overall life of the doors. 



The final stage of the manufacturing process is, as we like to call it, ‘prepping’. This involves levelling the doors so that they are perfectly flat, sanding the doors so that they are perfectly clean and tackling any minor imperfections so that the doors are, well, perfect. 



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