Any specification

You have complete control over your specification. But that doesn’t mean we only make completely unique doors. Many of our clients ask us to build familiar door designs with slight tweaks to their specification. As a result, we can create exactly what they need for any project, whatever it may be.

Any style and design

Given the breadth of our door making expertise, we have probably already made doors in the design and style that you require. CAD drawings are created to support every project we work on, and we are always eager to share ideas and inspiration. To help finalise your design, we can provide any specialist technical information you may require, including items like specialist glazing.

The best materials

Picking the best materials to use when constructing a bespoke door takes experience and insight. This is why we have developed close working relationships with a group of hand picked specialist merchants and mills. They provide us with a wide range of high quality timbers and engineered materials. Where wood is concerned, we are committed to ensuring that everything we use is responsibly sourced, sustainable and hand-graded for use.

A perfect finish

Depending on the type, style, location, and bespoke considerations of your door, we can supply it finished, primed or just sanded. Where finished, we offer a range of specialist products capable of accurately matching paint colours, or bringing out the natural beauty of the timber. Our in-house professional spray booth guarantees a flawless finish, and perfect match to any colour or brand of colour.

Fittings and accessories

We hold accounts with a number of ironmongery manufacturers and suppliers, giving you the option to order any fittings and accessories needed for your project directly through us. We can also offer advice and highlight items that, could complement your bespoke door. This means that you don’t have to source your own accessories from a third party – you can leave the ordering to us, and rest assured that we work only with the best providers.

Priceless expertise

When you commission Foxstow to create your bespoke door, you will be assigned your own personal project manager. They will bring all the support and experience needed to your project to make it a success. This often means drawing on the expertise of our joinery and production team, whose knowledge, eye for detail, and personal pride, make each of our doors into something their owners can be proud of.

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