What’s lurking under your stairs?

Most of us have that awkward place under the stairs, where nothing seems to fit properly. Piles of shoes, the vacuum cleaner, a box of junk that hasn’t made it to the attic yet, missing toys and old letters all seem to end up thrown under the stairs, waiting for that day in the distant future when you’ll finally get around to sorting it all out (or, more realistically, that Monday morning when you have a mad panic trying to find that really important thing you know is around here somewhere).

Well, help is at hand. Here at Shaker Doors, we know all about finding solutions that fit your awkward spaces. We produce high quality, made-to-measure doors and drawers, to fit exactly in those irregular places, such as in the eaves of your attic or loft, in alcoves, in crazy corners, or indeed, under your stairs.