Kitchen design that works

Kitchen designing is a hard task. You need so much in a kitchen, but to help your kitchen not look overworked or over cluttered, you need it to look pretty bare, with only the essentials on show. Tips like hiding the microwave in a cupboard can really open up your side space, the same goes for washing machines, dishwashers etc. Kitchens always look better with one colour scheme plus white (or cream if the colour compliments) because it balances out the shape of your kitchen and makes it appear bigger and light and airy. I would avoid going for bold colours like bright green, or fluorescent orange as being a kitchen, you tend to decorate regarding the colours of foods. I can’t imagine many people eating limes on a regular basis as a staple food, as much as anything that is even fluorescent orange so stay away from that. Colours that have been recommended for this new year of 2013 are duck egg blue, or pastels in greens and blues.

Remember, your kitchen is a pretty vital room, if you decide that you don’t like the colour scheme, that’s another few nights of getting expensive take away!