Colours in the kitchen

For the past decade or so, white / cream and high glosses have seemed to be all the rage when it comes to kitchen door colours but these days of course, colour options are unlimited and there’s no need to hesitate to choose more adventurous styles if that’s your fancy! Your kitchen is the heart of your home and you can furnish your kitchen doors to suit your own tastes.

Do you love bright colours or do you prefer more muted ‘country’ styles?

At Shaker Doors we use Dulux satinwood paint and the colour choice is almost infinite. You could coordinate your wall colour and patterned wallpaper. To explore the vast range of possibilities, visit

or pop into your local DIY centre to ask for a small sample pot. It is always a good idea to check the colour to help you choose.

So, look for new exciting colours to move away from glossy, white reflective cabinetry to kitchens with a bit of character; colours are inspiration!