Colours in the kitchen

For the past decade or so, white / cream and high glosses have seemed to be all the rage when it comes to kitchen door colours but these days of course, colour options are unlimited and there’s no need to hesitate to choose more adventurous styles if that’s your fancy! Your kitchen is the heart of your home and you can furnish your kitchen doors to suit your own tastes.

Do you love bright colours or do you prefer more muted ‘country’ styles?

With with Shaker Doors, you are not limited to specific colours. That’s the beauty of our painted door service. Our specialist painting system allows our partner Morrells to colour-match to almost any paint colour formula allowing a full range of colours from the subtle to the flamboyant. If you already have a colour in mind, just let us know a RAL number or paint name from that famous painting company. We prefer a 10% sheen level (Flat Matt), but are happy to spray up to 40% (Satin) if required. Please give us a call if you have any questions.

So, look for new exciting colours to move away from glossy, white reflective cabinetry to kitchens with a bit of character; colours are inspiration!