CE Marking and Shaker Doors

CE marking has long been mandatory on products such as toys and electronics.

On the 1st July 2013, the application of the CE mark was extended to construction products. Glazed doors and windows used externally were immediately affected by this and making it compulsory for all external door sets and patio door sets and windows to be CE marked.

Conformity of declaration for external window and doors is to be made under the EU Construction Product Regulation, harmonised standard BS EN 14351-1+A1:2010, thereby enabling the affixing of the required CE Mark.

Local Authority Building Control and Trading Standards have made it clear they will be making sure all new doors and windows carry the CE Mark. In practical terms, any external door set supplied and installed after July 1st 2013 that is not CE marked will potentially be sold illegally.

The label means that Shaker Doors have had the performance of our external joinery products tested by an independent body so that we can declare their performance and CE mark them in accordance with the Construction Products Regulations requirements.