Exterior Doors

The front or exterior doors of a house are some of the most frequently used doors within any dwelling place, and so they come with their own specific reliability and security concerns. The doors on the exterior of your home are naturally also the most visible of all your doors, and for that reason many people like their doors to make a positive impression. Here at Shaker Doors we provide a range of high quality wooden exterior doors that are suitable for use on the outer walls of any building.

All of our exterior doors are created according to a timeless design that will ideally complement any given surroundings. Our experienced craftsmen have supplied and fitted external doors to a variety of high quality buildings, such as country cottages in registered conservation areas. We have also worked within listed buildings, and have fitted professionally finished outside doors for customers in modern offices in order to give their arriving clients the best impression possible.

Our external doors are available in a comprehensive selection of bespoke sizes, so they are appropriate for any type of home or workplace. Each one is constructed from either solid oak or painted hardwood, and can be easily coloured to suit your choice. However our doors are not just made for display, and so we ensure that each of our products also excels functionally. Because of the robust nature of our solid wooden doors, they also conform fully to all of the security standards that are expected from an outside door, meaning that your home and possessions are well protected behind them.

For further information regarding our range of exterior doors please do not hesitate to contact one of our working joiners on 01865 849 800 and we will be happy to assist you.